Bus Information

Applications and payments can be completed in the office.

New Payment Policies

Effective 2014, DOE will impose flat rate pricing:

Roundtrip $288.00 $72.00
One-way $144.00 $36.00
Coupons $12.50 per sheet  



New Payment Policies

The effects of a FLAT RATE policy are the following:

The value of a bus pass remains constant; it does not lose value over time any more

Backdating applications are no longer required; the price of a pass on the last day of the quarter will be the same as the price of a pass on the first day of the quarter


New "NO REFUND" Policy

Effective immediately:

All bus passes and coupons are non-refundable

Examples include: PAY to FREE, suspension and expulsion, sudden unexpected change in transportation need, military deployment, moving withn qualifying distance of school

Parents who are uncertain of their transportation plans should be discouraged from purchasing a bus pass and encouraged to purchase coupons instead

Parents who insist on requesting for a refund may contact the STSB office directly