Student Health

School Health Aide: Healani Keuma 808-742-8460

We want to make sure that your child is healthy and happy at school. We have a health aide on staff to help your child if he or she gets sick or is injured at school.

If your child is sick and goes to the doctor, please send the doctor's note with your child upon his/her return.

We have Requirements for New School Entrants SY 2011-12

Hawaii State Law, HAR Title 11, Chapter 157 requires the following in order for your child to attend school beginning July 2009.




This should be completed within one year before first school entry.

3. VARICELLA (Chickenpox) vaccine or physician's documentation of disease will be required for entry into preschool, kindergarten, grade 7 and all students entering school in Hawaii for the first time regardless of age. (Effective July 1, 2002)

4. Documentation of receipt of the following vaccines (Effective July 1, 2002) will be required for 7th grade attendance: 2 MMR, 3 heapatitis B and 1 or 2 Varicella vaccines.

5. DENTAL HEALTH CERTIFICATE indicating that your child has had dental care within one year before school entry is recommended.

6. Student must comply on the first day of school with the requirements of:

Students who have not completed the above requirements by the first day of school will not be allowed to attend school until requirements are met.

7. Parents are requested to submit a copy of the child's health record (Form 14) and immunization record at the time of registration. The health aide will review records and inform parents if further immunizations are required before the child can enter school on the first day.

If any questions, please call your school health aide or the public health nurse at 241-3387.

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